Fire Proof Panel

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Hygienic system & food safe environment
  • Acoustic system, sound insulation and absorption
  • urable, reliable quality
  • Quick installation
  • Environmentally friendly
Suitable to clean room and general industrial application to prevent heat, keep temperature and eliminate noise disturbance

Square Panel System Co., Ltd. develops manufactures and markets highly qualified prefabricated sandwich panels using core material of rock wool for cold room, clean room and general industrial applications.

Square Panel System Co., Ltd. has become leading sandwich panel manufacturer in the country and in regional country as well.  Almost decade of experience and continuing research and development has made Square Panel System to be a reliable and international partner.

SQUAREROCK™ Panels are highly advanced sandwich panels using a core material of rock wool, Lamella type with a mainly vertical fiber structure as a constructive, insulating core material. The color steel sheet skin acts compositely with the rock wool core to form a high performance with all features needed for industrial, commercial requirement.

Thermal Performance
SQUAREROCK™ Panels give good insulation property. The thermal conductivity at a mean temperature of 10 ºC is 0.033 W/mK. The heat transfer coefficient (U) can be found by dividing thermal conductivity by panel thickness in meter. The coefficient values are given in panel performance table.

Water Resistance
Rock wool core repels water due to the presence of water repellent additives. Moisture condensing from air within rock wool core is less than 0.02% by volume at 95% relative humidity.

Fire Safety
SQUAREROCK Panels are composite of non combustible materials Rock wool itself is classified in highest European fire class A1 according to EN13501-1. SQUAREROCK Panels conform to fire resistance standard BS476 part 20:1987, BS476 part22:1987 rating up to 120 min. In case of fire, it doesn’t cause smoke or burning droplets No aggressive or environmentally unfriendly substance
or gases are released.

Chemical & Biological Excellence
Rock wool core panels are chemically inert and completely rot proof. Do not encourage the growth of fungi, moulds or bacteria and do not offer sustenance to vermin.

Aesthetic & Architectural Surface
SQUAREROCK Panel surfaces are prepainted galvanized steel sheet with primer and modified polyester paint as top coating. The surfaces need no special treatment. Stainless steel is also available on customer demand.


Panel Technical Data
Product Name : SQUAREROCKTM Sandwich Panel
Application : Clean Room, Cold Room & Industrial Panels
Available Thickness : 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 mm.
Thermal Conductivity : 0.033 W/m°K

Surface Material
Interior : Color steel sheet with protector film
Exterior : Color steel sheet with protector film

Paint Coating
Top Color : Standard off white
Paint Type : Regular Modified Polyester/ Epoxy Primer
Paint Coating : Top/ Back → 20/5 Microns
Back Color : Foam Grey
Core Material
Material : Vertical Rock wool Fiber, Lamella type

Panel Connection
Screwing tongue & groove steel profile section

Available Size
Width : 835, 1125 mm.
Length : Max.9000 mm.

Compliance Standard
ISO 9001-2000
Fire Test BS476: part 20, part 22 (Noncombustible material)

Panel Performance

Panel Thickness(mm) Heat Transfer Coefficient
Panel Weight
Allowable Mobile Load(Kg/m2) Fire Resistance
Insulation Integrity
50 0.74 14.0 80 54 min 181 min
75 0.49 17.0 120 N/A N/A
100 0.37 20.0 140 240 min 240 min
125 0.29 23.5 180 N/A N/A
150 0.24 26.5 200 N/A N/A

FIRE TEST BS476 : Part 20 & Part 22
Tested at 1100 °C


Installation Features
SQUAREROCK TM Panels form a complete cladding system, including thermal insulation, fire resistance, air tight property and color steel sheet on both skins. The wide panel range offers great flexibilities to accommodate any design of building construction.

Prefabricated system provides fast and easy installation. It is very tight by screwing tongue & groove steel profile section. The wall panels give a good thermal insulation. Panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally but vertical installation is most practical and recommended solution for high wall. Wall panels are erected in U-channel base runner at bottom.
SQUAREROCK TM ceiling system is versatile and available both walkable and non walkable type. The ceiling is suspended by using hanging sets from the roof substructure. Panel span will be adjusted incorporating with thickness of ceiling panels. Ceiling cutout can be executed at site and to be finish with steel sheet trimming. It is therefore no wool fiber exposure after finishing.

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